Onehundredtwenty5days is a Blog about the semester abroad I spent at the Milwaukee Insitute of Art and Design in fall 2011. It’s about being at art school in the states, daily observations, the people I met, the road trips I did and the records I digged.
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yes yes yes!


A 42-page essay about the ties between Beyoncé and cultural appropriation, a “bedazzled pastiche of hot pink history.” I’m trying to promote the release, so I’m offering the chance to win a free copy to anyone who helps spread the word!

First edition, 42 pages + cover, color, 8.5” x 5.5”, saddle-stitched

*Bey-lessings unto you from Nate Pyper…

what i really did that one night out in chicago: meeting up with some cool cats. 


der aufmerksame leser wird mitbekommen haben, dass drei meiner letzten tage in mke fehlen. updates coming soon.


warm welcome in tresor berlin on wednesday night. noticed a lot of differences. you can arrive at 3 am in the morning and still stay 3 more hours. people could be 16 but dress up like 26 and you wouldn’t even know, because it’s not only how they dress but how they behave. ok, seen some chavs and v-necks too, but somewhere in between should be the average.

slept the whole following day (there is actually no thursday in my memories) and got up this morning at 4:30. jet lag makes your day much more interesting. 


h o m e !

straight forward!


these last days are flying… can’t even write that fast.

sunday - cleaning screens


samtag… dinner im harbor house und ein hungriger kojote linzt durchs fenster. letzter tanzabend in mke…